Sophisticated hat by Japanese artisan.

I would like to introduce you to my original designer hat collection "Grosgrain".

I started "Grosgrain" shop officially 2011. At first, I wanted simple wide brim straw hat and looked for it but I couldn't find any as I wished. So, I started to make it with Japanese traditional artisan of straw hats for 4th generation. These hats are made with the highest quality standards by Japanese craftsmanship.
I would like to preserve the classic technique of hat making, as it is disappearing in our world due to mass production. Using only high quality materials, and creating sophisticated shape with modern touch. Also I am collecting vintage grosgrain ribbon to add uniqueness and whimsical mood to the style.

Like a favorite hat you wore all day long during your childhood, it would truly be my pleasure if my Grosgrain hat could be a favorite and long lasting item in your wardrobe.

Thank you for visiting my shop,

Mina Maeda
mail [!at]

Now I am looking for retailers outside Japan. I would like to introduce beautiful quality of hand made straw hat and sophisticated design of simplicity of "Grosgrain". My hats are now sold in Melbourne based Millinery shop and modern gardening shop in Germany. If you would like to have business with me, please feel free to contact me.