Sophisticated hats designed in Australia, Hand-crafted by Japanese artisans.

It only started by my desire to wear a simple wide brim straw hat about a decade ago. Although I could not find the one I dreamed of, the hunt led me to the hat factory operating over 5th generations near Tokyo(where I am from), in Kasukabe. Kasukabe has a long history of farming natural wheat straw and producing the items out of it. 
 Soon I recognized their craftsmanship and dedication over 140 years; I started making straw hats in collaboration. I named my small business after the classic ribbon for the hats, Grosgrain. 

 It has been my passion to create something beautiful and thoroughly hand-crafted ever since. Now I am based in Adelaide, I feel my urge to preserve genuine hats made of natural sources because it has been overwhelmed by the mass production of synthetic ones. 

Natural wheat straw is a traditional material for classic hats. They are not only aesthetic but coon and very comfortable to wear, long-lasting, and finally, biodegradable. It gradually matures into a golden colour as you wear it under the sun.

Our products are for the customers mindfully choose and appreciate what they wear every day, and for the extended future.


The Essential Hat

507 High Street, Prahran East, 3181Victoria, Australia

The golden Rabbit
Ackerstraße 159, 40233 Düsseldorf