I am so happy to say Hello to you.    

I am Mina, a milliner and designer based on Adelaide, Australia.

I have been in this business since 2010, and ever since I quitted my previous work when I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, this has been my living and passion, and also a new door to see new people and new world. 

I am very excited to have this oppourtunity thanks to Etsy, to have new website and new blog.  

Hopefully, I could be get in touch more often to you, by this blog.

You are always welcome to comment, and send me enquire.   

It is Spring time in Australia.  

I love taking a walk in the park in morning bliss.  (there is a beautiful park right in front of my house as if it is our garden!!)  

And it is time for prepare for the Spring Carnival. I will be uploading some new hats and fascinators, so please keep your eyes on it.  

Thank you again, and see you soon.