Just finished the order event in Hiroshima, Japan, 19-22 April, 2019.    

We have received beautiful pictures from the event owner, which I would like to share here.  

Over 20 hats were displayed with greens.  

"Amal", a wide brimmed boater hat with long side ribbon on the wall.

Fitting is still available by appointment, so if you live around Hiroshima or Yamaguchi, please send me enquire anytime.

Coming Grosgrain's Pop up Events in Japan, 2019 

  • 13th to 31st May in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo 

Delicieux Jiyugaoka

Trainch 2F, 5-42-3, Okusawa, Setagayaku, Tokyo

2min walk from Jiyugaoka Station

  • 15 th to 29th June in Kitakyushu, Japan

Craft Gallerly Kisui

1-20-11 Kusumi-cho,Kokura Minami Ward,Kitakyushu City,Fukuoka, Japan


  • 18th to 27th June in Tokyo

SHIBUYA SEIBU Department store 4F